Spring Garden Auction 2020 6

2021 Spring Garden Auction

Thank you!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thanks to your generous support, we were able to raise close to $30,000 to help the men, women, and children staying at Holland Rescue Mission!

If you would like to make an additional donation, please visit: https://secure.qgiv.com/event/springgardenauction2021/donate/


Picking-Up Auction Items

The pickup times for all items (Auction Items, Gift Card Wall, What’s in Your Wallet, Succulent Sale, and Swag Bags) are:

  • Friday, May 7, 2021 from 9am-1pm
  • Monday, May 10, 2021 from 9am-7pm
  • Tuesday, May 11, 2021 from 9am-5pm

All the items will be available for pick up at the Gateway Administration Offices (661 E 24th St, Suite 300, Holland, MI 49423).

If you are picking up heavy/large items, please call 616-396-2200 to schedule a specific pickup time so we can ensure we have someone here who can help you carry your items to your vehicle!

Items not picked up during one of these pick-up times will be auctioned off at the 2022 Spring Garden Auction.


Auction Item Winners

1 Handmade Bee Quilt:  Vicki Vannette
2 Happy Hour:  Jan VanderWal
3 Comfy Cozy:  Christy McGeehan
4 Summer Days: MaryJane Schreur
5 Tea Time: Robin Mulder
6 Summer Break!: Christy McGeehan
7 Crunchy Foodie: Amy Folkert
8 Coffee and Friends: Rebecca Koops
9 Better at the Beach: Thelma Leenhouts
10 Vintage Jeanette Doric Depression Glass Ware: Robin Mulder
11 $200 Mastercard Gift Card: MeriBeth Rusticus
12 Apple Watch: Julie DeShaw
13 Local Radio Advertisements: Christina Terpstra
14 Chrome Tanned Leather Purse from Local Artisan: Mary Serdahely
15 Thompson’s Magical Unicorn Party (4): Sarah Nyhof
16 Relax…: Brad Wagner
17 Simply Beautiful: Molly Bartman
18 FORE! For Four!: Brad Wagner
19 Grillin’ and Chillin’: Jodi Dawson
20 Tabletop Griddle: Alice Emmert
21 Patio Heater: MaryJane Schreur
22 Taco Fiesta: Bonnie DeJong
23 Company’s Coming!: Pam Dykstra
24 Full Vehicle Detail: Bette Johnson
25 Carolyn Stich: Nancy Walker
26 Get Your Glamour On!: Brad Wagner
27 Healthy Living: Brielle Jager
28 Modern Flair: Pam Dykstra
29 Tea for Two: Sarah Nyhof
30 Outdoor Oasis: Carrie DeNeef
31 Decorative Garden Rack: Sally Mulder
32 Serenity Now: Brielle Jager
33 Crunchy Granola Lifestyle: Fern Slotman
34 Dinner Time!: Wendy Timmerman
35 Treat Yourself Basket: Joni Clark
36 Grandma’s Porch Joyce Kortman
37 RAWR!: Sandra Mulder
38 Car Washes and Full Vehicle Detail: Joyce Kortman
39 Tools of the Trade: Beverly Machiela
40 Full Vehicle Detail: Christy McGeehan
41 Domestic Divas!: Deb Van Heck
42 Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake! Bread Baking Class: Anne Brower
43 “Up North” Wine Tour: Julie Edewaard
44 A Welcoming Entrance: Deborah Wolters
45 Something for the Whole Family!: Deborah Wolters
46 Fall in Love: Belva Bobeldyk
47 Très Chic: LaVerna Nixon
48 Cottage Charm: Belva Bobeldyk
49 Just Keep Swimming: Nancy Kloosterman
50 Gourmet Gift Basket: Andrea Lamfers
51 Pure Michigan: Daniel Furbush
52 Bow Wow Bundle: Christy McGeehan
53 Lakeside Living: Judy Cotts
54 Outdoor Bistro Set: Katie Taylor
55 Got S’mores?: Kevin Klassen


A video of a live drawing for all the auction packages is coming soon!


Gift Card Wall

Adrianna Dekker (1)
Alice Emmert (3)
Andrea Lamfers (1)
Angela Shamery (1)
Anne Brower (1)
Becky Bartlett (3)
Bonnie DeJong (2)
Brielle Jager (1)
Channa DeKam (1)
Christy McGeehan (5)
Cynthia Evenhouse (5)
Daniel Furbush (1)
Dawn Mazeikis (1)
Deborah Wolters (2)
Dee LAMPEN (2)
Donna Wassink (1)
Elaine Baker (2)
eleanor buggeln (2)
Emily Bomers (1)
Erika Berry (1)
Jan VanderWal (3)
Janet Terpstra (2)
Jenifer Fields (3)
Joyce Kortman (4)
Judi Steenwyk (1)
Julie Edewaard (3)
Kate Maryon (1)
Katie Taylor (1)
Kelly Meeuwsen (10)
Kevin Klaasen (1)
Kristin Bleyenberg (1)
Laura Estes (1)
LaVerna Nixon (1)
Lexi Wassink (1)
Linda Vanbaren (1)
Louise Kenny (1)
Marcy Brower (1)
Mark Lazarock (2)
Mary Serdahely (1)
Mary Voss (3)
MeriBeth Rusticus (1)
Nicole Wyngarden (1)
Pat Hoekstra (1)
Rachael Neal (1)
Rebecca Koops (2)
Rebecca Kuipers (1)
Robin Thompson (1)
Sally Mulder (2)
Sandy Lambers (4)
Sarah Nyhof (1)
Wendy Ahearne (2)
Yvonne Christian (3)


What’s In Your Wallet

Adrianna Dekker
Andrea Lamfers
Angela Shamery
Belva Bobeldyk
Christy McGeehan
Emily Bomers (2)
Jan VanderWal
Jenifer Fields (3)
Kelly Meeuwsen (2)
LaVerna Nixon
Lexi Wassink (2)
Linda Vanbaren
Marcy Brower
Mary Serdahely
Mary Voss (2)
MeriBeth Rusticus
Pam Dykstra (2)
Rachael Neal
Rebecca Kuipers
Sarah Nyhof
Yvonne Christian (3)