Panhandling is not the same as homelessness. Not all who are homeless panhandle, and not all who panhandle are actually homeless. In fact, most panhandlers are not homeless.



Almost all of the money given to panhandlers is not used for what you think its going to be used for.  



Panhandlers can make upwards of $80,000–$100,000 a year. $300 or more a day, untaxed, would not be unusual.

That's more than twice the average household income in American today.

Many times, people give to panhandlers out of an effort to pacify guilt without considering whether the gift is truly helpful to the panhandler. Though we would never fault a person who felt a calling to give, it's important to realize that sometimes a desire to give is more a selfish one than a selfless one.

Our vision for this campaign is to:

  • EDUCATE the community on panhandling and homelessness

  • HELP people find real solutions to their needs  

We want to be a resource for the community, providing relevant answers and solutions to this growing problem in West Michigan.